Vodafone Signal Booster

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Vodafone works on the 900mhz band and our boosters come in various sizes between 100sqm and 1000sqm, this refers to area over which these boosters amplify signal, with 100sqm being our most popular kit. Browse our Vodafone signal booster selection to find a solution that fits your needs, choose from boosters based on the area over which you wish to repeat signal.

One of the United Kingdom’s biggest carriers, Vodafone, has a wide-spread network and a substantial amount of users in the country. Vodafone offers efficient data and voice services. It proudly satisfies more than a third of the UK with a with a population coverage of 36%.
With our Vodafone signal booster deployed, you’ll receive improved signal power, and therefore, get an uninterrupted connection, regardless if you’re in the outskirts of town or in an urban area.
Vodafone provides its customers with 2G and 3G services. The 2G service uses a 900 to 1800MHz signal spectrum. Our products are purposely developed and put through rigorous tests to provide you with Vodafone 2G network compatibility. This will keep you covered in the event you face low signal problems with your Vodafone 2G network. You can select dual band Vodafone boosters or 900/1800Mhz to accommodate your needs and maintain the availability of a strong signal all day and night.
Vodafone’s 3G service falls under the spectra of 900MHz to 2100MHz. The high 2100MHz frequency is typically used in urban areas. As such, if you’re based in the outskirts of town, it is worthwhile to use one of our Vodafone Mobile Signal Boosters. Simply choose the frequency your phone uses and bypass the frustration of continuous disconnections.
Our Vodafone Mobile Signal Boosters are purposely developed, designed, and simulated for the Vodafone operating frequency at 2G and 3G service. It’s simple to install Vodafone signal boosters, and we offer all that’s necessary for the installation process. Our customer support team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any functionality or setup difficulties. Our boosters work across the nation, and if you’re thinking about trying out a booster to nip connectivity issues and call drops, then a Vodafone 3G mobile booster can solve your problems.