O2 Signal Booster

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Our current selection of O2 Signal boosters, the O2 network works on the 900mhz band and our boosters come in kits that cover between 100sqm and 1000sqm, with 100sqm being the most popular, as this is the area of a normal 3bed semi detached house. Using our signal boosters for the o2 network will allow you to boost signal in hard to reach areas, or in rural areas where signal may not be available indoors.

As the UK’s second biggest provider of telecommunications, O2 Mobile is based in the English city of Slough. It was founded in the mid-80’s and owned by a Spanish company called “Multinational Telefonica UK Ltd.” Based on statistics from “Ofcom”, O2 Mobile has high satisfaction ratings from customers, more so than any other digital telecommunications provider.
More than 20 million customers are served by the company, who provide 2G, 3G and 4G services across the country. O2 uses 2G and 3G frequencies at 900/1800 MHz and 900/2100 MHz respectively. It an efficient setup and outstanding services, but has its drawbacks, too. There are areas in the UK that are in a “dead zone” or don’t receive network coverage. If you can relate to such issues, you may want to think about our O2 compatible mobile booster line of products. Our mobile phone signal boosters are purposely developed to the specifications and frequency range of O2 standards.
If the O2 mobile signal booster gives you any trouble, inform us right away. We guarantee our customers a “hassle-free” experience, and our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our main objective is your satisfaction. Give your O2 signal booster a try to see if it enhances your connectivity. Bad signal problems will be no more! You’ll be glad you purchased one of our phone boosters since it will better your connection and enhance the effectiveness of your O2 network.