3G Three Signal Booster

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3G Three works with the 2100mhz band, choose our 100sqm booster if you are looking to use the booster in a normal sized home, for larger than this please see our other boosters, which offer a greater coverage area. Our Three signal boosters offer a solution for those wishing to boost their mobile phone signal in rural areas and any other areas that suffer from poor reception. These boosters work with Three network and any other network that is based on the 2100mhz frequency.

Three Mobile is the quickest growing network covering 97% of the population in the United Kingdom. Three Mobile is always improving and perfecting the services it offers. Based on customer experience feedback, when it comes to affordability of data services and voice texts, as well as connection dependability, Three Mobile is the leader.
Based in Berkshire, UK, Three Mobile was launched in 2003. At first, the company was perceived to be just another network service provider, but Three Mobile took initiatives to distinguish itself from the competition by concentrating exclusively on its 3G frequency spectrum.
Three Mobile does not offer 2G service. Because of this, a low-cost handset that only supports 2G connectivity won’t be compatible with the carrier service Three Mobile provides. However, the company’s 3G service has been broadly accepted in the UK. As such, we have developed Three Mobile Signal Boosters for enhancing its effectiveness. Our Three Mobile Signal Boosters are completely compatible with the 3G service on a 2100 MHz frequency range. Just like the other booster products, Three Mobile phone signal boosters have the same process of installation.