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What Are Signal Boosters and Who Needs Them?

Today many people own smart phones. It comes as no surprise because they are cheaply priced thanks to the competition. World over, you can find consumers vying with each other over who has the best looking smart phone. Even Chinese makers are taking a shot at top smart phone makers like Apple and Samsung who […]

Mobile phone signal boosters

With the growth of technology, people have made every possible device. Our lives are full of technology. The availability of so many options that keep you connected everywhere is an amazing opportunity to always be in touch with the latest happenings. Even though you are in a place with weak signal and there is small […]

3 Reasons Why Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Are Necessary

Ideally, your mobile phone should always have the maximum signal strength and you should have no problems making a call, sending or receiving a text, browsing the net or using an app. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and poor network reception or weak mobile signal is a reality that everyone has to […]

How to choose the best mobile phone signal booster

In present world everyone is having mobile phone and it is considered as most important device in everyone life. But most of the people are having poor signal connection and there are plenty of factors are behind weak signal problem. As everyone knows technology has improved a lot and every problem is solved with the […]

An Assessment of Pros and Cons of Wired and Wireless Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Mobile phone signal boosters are either wired or wireless. Wired boosters may have a cradle wherein you would just place your phone and it would have better signal strength. Wireless boosters are not very different from wireless routers. You can have the booster installed strategically and connect phones within its coverage area to get the […]

Antennas and cables in mobile phone signal booster

Antenna There are many times when we face the problem of weak signal and our mobile phone stop working. Mobile phones are the most important part of our lives and we need them with proper signal every time. Thus the mobile phone signal booster is the technology which is used to amplify the signal of […]

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters: What is Gain and Frequency and Why You Should Care?

So, you’re finally convinced in getting a mobile phone signal booster to help solve your low mobile phone signal reception problems. Then, you browse the internet for some good mobile phone signal boosters and you’re enticed by the words “high-gain” and “supports all frequencies”. What are these two terms and why should you care about […]

Top 5 Mobile Phone Signal Boosters in June 2016

There are plenty of mobile phone signal boosters in the market and it can be daunting for first-time buyers. Well, if you do not know which ones to buy, then I have a guide for you. Today, I am going to talk about the Top 5 mobile phone signal boosters in June 2016. Let’s start […]

o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Do you buy refurbished items? I buy refurbished items because not only do they work, they are also way cheaper than new ones. weBoost is a great mobile phone signal booster company and since they have built a lot of mobile phone signal boosters, they thought of refurbishing their once best-sellers. Today, we are going […]

o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Are you using your mobile data to surf the internet? Mobile internet surfing has come a long way with a lot of websites offering mobile views now and that mobile phone service providers are providing 4G LTE services to the masses. There are a lot of mobile phone service providers out there that give out […]