Welcome to UK Signal Boosters, we offer a wide range of mobile phone signal boosters that work will all major mobile networks in the UK. Choose your network below to get started.

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To choose a signal booster that suits your needs, please choose your network first and then choose a booster that offers the correct coverage area (this is the area over which the signal will be amplified).

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Why choose UKSignalboosters?

  • Most orders are posted within 24-48 hours.
  • All boosters are tested before dispatch
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • All boosters are ready to go, a quick installation is all that’s needed
  • Experienced customer support staff

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Using a mobile phone signal booster you can boost your signal quality in your home or office. Our booster kits are ready to go (once installed) and come ready to work with most UK networks, please view our ‘which signal booster suits me‘ page to find out more on choosing the right mobile signal booster for your needs and do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any queries. Our signal boosters are designed to work with UK networks and our experienced customer support staff are always available to help if you have any questions.

Why choose a mobile phone signal booster?

Mobile phone signal boosters or signal repeaters are designed to boost signal in rural locations and any other areas that suffer from poor reception. They usually consist of any outdoor antenna which receives the signal, and booster box which boosts the signal (as the name would suggest) and an indoor antenna which amplify the boosted signal inside. Depending on the size of the signal booster you purchase, the number of indoor antennas may vary.

Choose a mobile signal booster if you are looking for a cost effective way to improve your signal, and end those dropped or missed calls.