What Are Signal Boosters and Who Needs Them?

Today many people own smart phones. It comes as no surprise because they are cheaply priced thanks to the competition. World over, you can find consumers vying with each other over who has the best looking smart phone. Even Chinese makers are taking a shot at top smart phone makers like Apple and Samsung who are struggling to keep the competition in check.

Having said that, the quality and durability of the smart phone is often affected. The unfortunate part is that, throughout the world, you have got several dead zones which can mean you are having signals are not accessible at all, no matter what you do. This is when you will want to make use of a signal booster.

What is a signal booster?

A signal booster is an electronic device which has the capability to receive the signals from the boosters and then transmit them to the zones where there is no signal. They are perfect for use in areas where the signal is weak like forest and rural areas. If you are somebody who frequently roams in the forest areas in the form of trekking and hiking, then you would certainly consider using one of these.

They are not able to give you clear signals but also get rid of the pause you get so often. Sometimes you would have noticed in your rooms in your home or office, not getting the right signal. These rooms the signal boosters can come handy. They are small devices which can be placed inside your pockets or carried around in your hands, if you like.

Not all of them are very good and you may even experience a weak signal still with some of them. You will need to read reviews and ensure that you understand what you are buying when you purchase your cell signal boosters. You will save yourself time and money if you fully understand what cell boosters are and how they work.

The frequency of your service provider is essential to know the kind of booster you would need for your smart phone. The three main parts of a signal booster include internal antenna, the amplifier, and the external antenna. As a smart phone user you require the three components of the signal booster to help your calls available in a single kit.

These need to be present for you in order to gain the right signals for your smart phone.

Mobile phone signal boosters

With the growth of technology, people have made every possible device. Our lives are full of technology. The availability of so many options that keep you connected everywhere is an amazing opportunity to always be in touch with the latest happenings. Even though you are in a place with weak signal and there is small chance of making a connection with your family or friends, there is a solution for that as well. Have you heard about the mobile phone signal boosters? Well, they are the future in the mobile industry. Here are some facts you are maybe not familiar with.
1. What are the capabilities of the signal booster?
– the mobile signal boosters take the external signal, increase it and then they transmit it in the place that has no signal at all or a weak signal. In order the system to work, there must be some signal that existed before and that was stable in order to be received and transmitted correctly.
– These mobile signal boosters do not create the signal, they just transmit it, so be clear about this.
2. What is the coverage area?
– The mobile phone signal boosters can cover quite large area, depending on the area where the person is. The coverage is measured by square footage, so the suitable conditions for transmitting the signal is when the signal itself is very strong and both the internal and external antennas are positioned in the most convenient place. Obstacles must not be there if the signal has to be transmitted.
– choosing more powerful booster is quite ideal choice for you, because not always you will have the perfect conditions to get a signal on your phone. The powerful signal booster will increase the signal and then transmit it better.

3. Strength of the signal
– The strength of the phone signal where you plan to put the external antenna might determine on how large would be the area where the signal booster will cover. If you have strong signal, then you can cover an area similar to the area that is advertised on the signal booster. If the signal is week, then the coverage area will be less than the area that is advertised on the signal booster. For every signal booster is listed the square footage of area they can cover.
The bars on your phone also show the signal and how strong it is in the places where you go. If there is no official standard for displaying the phone signal, then the phone must be less or more than the standard 5 bars. So, this is important for those who have phones with weaker signal to take signal booster that is more powerful, so they can have the wanted result.

4. What is causing the interference?
– the signal goes in the air with less obstacles, so every mobile device or tower it meets on the way, represents an obstruction that causes the interference. The natural elements like hills, mountains, or trees can also represent an obstacle for transmitting the signal.
The increased usage of the products with energy is an obstacle as well. Despite all this, these factors are not a big reason for causing such problems of preventing the signal to be transmitted. But if the natural elements and the obstacles of poor reception are mixed, then there is no use of having your phone with you.

5. What is the Mobile Phone Signal Booster?
– The purpose of the mobile phone signal boosters is to take some existing cell signal that has been found outside the house, the vehicle, the office, and then transmit it to an area that has weak signal or no signal at all. The system consists of an external antenna, internal antenna and boosting amplifier. These parts are connected with cable. In some of the cases most of the parts are as one part, but here the components are put separately.
– This system works in away so the signal is transmitted via antennas, so it is important to have proper external and internal antenna if you want to have satisfying signal booster.

6. How to choose the best Mobile Phone Signal Booster?
– if you want to get the best signal booster then you need to be aware or the networks and the carriers that need to be supported, then the strength of the existing signal in the outside and the size of the covered area.

6. Examples of signal boosters
* Cisco AT&T MicroCell Wireless Tower Antenna – this signal booster uses the broadband connection in order to make a cell tower in the house. It is easy to install it and provides great services.
* Wilson Electronics DB Pro 4G Indoor Cellular Signal Booster – this signal booster is one of the best boosting devices and can be set up easily. When is being set up, can provide excellent service, with transmitting the signal and making it strong. Can also work with 3G and 4G, but it is a little bit expensive, so if you can afford it, then there is no need for searching for another boosting device.

3 Reasons Why Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Are Necessary

Ideally, your mobile phone should always have the maximum signal strength and you should have no problems making a call, sending or receiving a text, browsing the net or using an app. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and poor network reception or weak mobile signal is a reality that everyone has to deal with. Here we explore three technical and also practical reasons why mobile phone signal boosters are necessary.

• The first reason is limited or no coverage. Every major network has its countrywide infrastructure in place. However, the infrastructure doesn’t literally cover every nook and corner, the entire length and breadth of the country. There are pockets or areas where there is absolutely no coverage. These are known as black holes in networking jargon. Then there are areas where the coverage is nominal. You wouldn’t get strong signals everywhere you stand or sit. When you have no or limited coverage, there is no other option but to use mobile phone signal boosters. These are essentially amplifiers that allow your mobile to secure a better signal strength from adjoining areas. Think of boosters as a magnifier that will enhance the capacity of the receptors in your mobile phone.

• The second reason is fewer towers. Mobile network coverage is facilitated by satellite communicated, optic fiber or cabling and also towers. Satellites are used for long distance coverage, connecting one provider with another or the base in one province with another. Optical fiber networks are also used to establish coverage from one large region to another. Local network coverage is ensured by the towers. When there are fewer towers in an area, the coverage will be weak. There are only so many towers you can have in a given area so there isn’t much a particular mobile network or service provider can do about it. The only solution is to opt for mobile phone signal boosters.

• We have moved from first generation to fourth generation networks and we are at the anvil of fifth generation network coverage. Yet, our call quality and network coverage have not really been impeccable. This is primarily because of the growth of mobile users. With data coming into the picture, there is limited bandwidth despite phenomenal growth of available bandwidth and compression of voice and data packets. As more people use more data as well as voice, there will be bandwidth shortage and network problems will prevail.

How to choose the best mobile phone signal booster

In present world everyone is having mobile phone and it is considered as most important device in everyone life. But most of the people are having poor signal connection and there are plenty of factors are behind weak signal problem. As everyone knows technology has improved a lot and every problem is solved with the help of technology. So if you are looking to fix your weak signal problems then mobile phone signal booster is the best choice. In case you are working at the big building then it could be having poor reception. But if you are choosing the best mobile signal booster then people can instantly solve this problem.

What are the reasons for getting weak cellular signal?

Now a day most of the areas are suffering from weak mobile phone signals because of the location. So people are facing trouble for making calls and they are also facing critical mobile communication in everyday lives. Basically there are many factors are there for getting weak signals like transmission of the radio waves. In case you are living in the huge obstacle then there is a possibility to weak your mobile signal. In case you are travelling from one place to another place then also you might be suffer from this problem. Basically the distance between your home location and travelling location fare so you might suffer from weak signal problem. If you are living in the rural countries then there is a possibility for sending or receiving calls. Apart there are technical problems but however if you are using mobile phone signal booster then you can instantly fix your problems. These kind of mobile boosters are helpful to improve the mobile signal strength. One of the main benefits of buying this device that is completely easy to use so that anyone can easily operate this device. There are huge numbers of sites are offering this device with reasonable price but people have to choose the premium quality of device.

Ultimate features of using mobile phone signal booster

Most of the mobile signal boosters are designed with the plenty of features and it is having a capability to amplify the signals which is coming from multiple carriers. It is also helpful to boost the WIFI, 3G and GSM connection. As everyone knows signals are available from outside of the window and it is the reasons for getting high quality of signal. If you are using this boosting device for 3G or 2 G networks then it is really helpful to the mobile user. The latest technologies of signal boosters are helpful for the 4G device. So while choosing the signal booster’s people have to consider some factor like performance of the booster and feature. Basically all kind of boosters are not providing positive outcome because some of the devices are designed with the poor quality features. When it comes to the price of this signal booster then it is comes with the lowest price so try to choose the best one to increase your signal strength.

An Assessment of Pros and Cons of Wired and Wireless Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Mobile phone signal boosters are either wired or wireless. Wired boosters may have a cradle wherein you would just place your phone and it would have better signal strength. Wireless boosters are not very different from wireless routers. You can have the booster installed strategically and connect phones within its coverage area to get the desired boost. It is not wise to dismiss wired mobile phone signal boosters simply because you need to have the phone physically connected to the booster. Likewise, it is unwise to think that all wireless mobile phone signal boosters are amazing.

Wired mobile phone signal boosters are an apt option when you have a single user and you need a substantial boost, either at home or while on the go. It is particularly useful when you are driving and especially through areas that don’t have sufficient signal strength. If you are someone who hits the road frequently and embarks on long distance travel then you know how poor the signals are at innumerable places. Wired mobile phone signal boosters are the best in such scenarios. The most noteworthy reason is the energy consumption. Wired boosters don’t drain as much power from a phone as wireless boosters. It is simple really to understand why. Being physically connected to the cradle, it is the booster that needs to keep up the signal strength and the mobile doesn’t have to keep searching for booster signal strength. It does so by direct contact.

Wireless mobile phone signal boosters work really well when you have multiple users. Wired boosters are simply not an option unless you have two cradles or some other mechanism of hooking multiple phones. Wireless mobile phone signal boosters have a serious shortcoming pertaining to the range. Wired boosters don’t have any range. You need to be there, the phone needs to be hooked to the device but the wireless booster doesn’t restrict your movement. Of course you can choose the coverage area you need and accordingly pick the relevant models of wireless mobile phone signal boosters. However, that coverage too will be limited.

Both wired and wireless mobile phone signal boosters have their specific relevance and utility in given circumstances. Your situation and the place where you need the boost, the kind of boost you need and how many users would need the same will determine whether you would benefit from a wired booster or a wireless booster and you should pick the model accordingly.

Antennas and cables in mobile phone signal booster


There are many times when we face the problem of weak signal and our mobile phone stop working. Mobile phones are the most important part of our lives and we need them with proper signal every time. Thus the mobile phone signal booster is the technology which is used to amplify the signal of the mobile phone. The mobile phone signal booster contains the amplifier, external and internal antenna and the cables to connect the components. The inside antenna are of two different types. It is upto you which one you select.

Dome and panel antennas are considered to be the two types of different external antennas. The panel antennas are the one which are designed to broadcast and to receive the signal in a direction and they are best for the long and rectangular space. It can also be suitable to be used in the multiple floors in the building or house. They can be either mounted on the wall or they can be mounted at top. They are used to broadcast down and through multiple floors. Dome antennas are the one which are designed to cover the floor with signal in all direction and they are meant to mount on the ceiling. They receive the signal equally in all the directions. They cannot be used for multiple floors.


Cables are used in all system for connecting the antenna with the signal boosters. Cables are not perfect and they lose eh signal on the basis of their types, length and quality of the cable. The ultra low LMR 400 cable is used. When it is possible you should be choosing the shortest and the quality cable which can give you with maximum amount of signal. It gets the signal from the antennas to the signal booster. If in case you are having the extra cable then you need to cut it and add the connecter to the new end. It requires some extra tools for that. It is advisable to buy some extra cable so that you can make some adjustments when needed.

The mobile phones communicate with the cell towers with the help of the radio waves and the signals operate at different frequencies. This means that the booster needs to be the quality that is able to match the frequency of the carrier. Te major frequencies which are used are the 2G and 3G networks. The mobile phone signal booster helps to get better wireless signal and also reduces the wireless interference.

Buying boosters

You can easily get the mobile phone signal booster from the physical stores but buying them online can prove to be beneficial to you. The online stores have better options for the mobile phone signal booster. The functionality is really simple and it is available at reasonable rates. You only need a good phone which has good signal connectivity moreover you should take care of the quality of the cables and antennas while purchasing the booster. Make your requirements clear and then buy accordingly.


Mobile Phone Signal Boosters: What is Gain and Frequency and Why You Should Care?

So, you’re finally convinced in getting a mobile phone signal booster to help solve your low mobile phone signal reception problems.

Then, you browse the internet for some good mobile phone signal boosters and you’re enticed by the words “high-gain” and “supports all frequencies”.

What are these two terms and why should you care about them when shopping for a mobile phone signal booster?

I will start with the gain first. The gain is just a term used to describe the signal strength of the amplified signal.

For example, if you see a “75dB high-gain mobile phone signal booster”, this usually means that the boosted signal is 75dB more powerful than the existing signal in your area.

The higher the gain, the better and more powerful the signal will be. The gain will also have implications on how big the coverage area would be.

For example, if you only have 1-2 bars of existing signal prior to using a mobile phone signal booster, the amplified signals will give you probably 3 or 4 bars of signal. Furthermore, the higher the signal amplified, the better the coverage area.

As you may have probably noticed, some mobile phone signal booster manufacturers indicate that the better the signal, the better coverage area.

So for example, if you experience 4 bars of signal after it has been amplified, the coverage area will be increased to say, 7,000 sq.ft (from 2,500).

So, if you’re shopping for a mobile phone signal booster, make it a point to get a high-gain signal amplifier for maximum results.

The next thing we are going to talk about is the frequency. The frequency band in mobile phone signal boosters work much the same way as frequencies emitted by radio stations.

Different mobile phone service providers use a specific frequency band. Verizon, for example, uses the 700MHz band for its 4G LTE services.

If you are going to buy a mobile phone signal booster, seeing the supported frequencies is a must. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the mobile phone signal booster to boost your mobile phone.

The first thing you need to do in order to make sure is to call your mobile phone service provider and ask them what frequency they are using for their services.

Alternatively, you can visit their website to look at the frequencies they are currently using so that when buying a mobile phone signal booster, you know what frequency to look out for.

Oftentimes, people do not research beforehand before buying a mobile phone signal booster. I cannot tell you how many people complain that the mobile phone signal booster they’ve bought doesn’t work for them mainly because of the frequency that is supported by the signal booster itself.

Again, if you are looking to buy a mobile phone signal booster, make sure to buy the highest gain you can find and also buy a signal booster that matches the frequency of your mobile phone service provider to avoid any problems.

Top 5 Mobile Phone Signal Boosters in June 2016

There are plenty of mobile phone signal boosters in the market and it can be daunting for first-time buyers.

Well, if you do not know which ones to buy, then I have a guide for you. Today, I am going to talk about the Top 5 mobile phone signal boosters in June 2016.

Let’s start with…

  1. weBoost Eqo. Are you tired of going to the roof of your house just to install the external antenna? Then buy the weBoost Eqo! The weBoost Eqo comes with a window unit that acts as the external antenna. Just place them beside a window and it will then grasp weak signals in your area for the signal booster to amplify.
  2. weBoost Drive 4G-M. If you are always on the move and you’re in your vehicle most of the time, then get the weBoost Drive 4G-M. This is a mobile phone signal booster that amplifies signals for up to 4 concurrent users. Gone are the days where you have to put your mobile phone in a cradle.
  3. Surecall EZ 4G. Surecall is another great mobile phone signal booster manufacturer. Their latest EZ 4G mobile phone signal booster boosts 4G LTE as well other signal technologies. The thing about the Surecall EZ 4G is that is much like the weBoost Eqo in that it too has a window unit. This window unit acts as an external antenna and it can be put just beside a window. Probably the only difference is the color of the mobile phone signal booster as the Surecall EZ 4G is all white while the weBoost Eqo is all black.
  4. SmoothTalker Z1 4G. The company boasts of their Stealth Technology which makes their mobile phone signal boosters great. What the proprietary Stealth Technology does is that the signal booster will automatically adjust itself to its optimal parameters. This means that there will be no configuration needed and the mobile phone signal booster will work as intended with the best possible setting already in place.
  5. zBoost SOHO ZB545. The company, zBoost, has been around the mobile phone signal booster niche for quite some time. They’ve already made great mobile phone signal boosters before and they’re continuing their service by releasing their new 4G LTE mobile phone signal boosters. The zBoost SOHO ZB545 is one of the most inexpensive 4G LTE mobile phone signal boosters in the market. It doesn’t have an impressive range (2,500 sq.ft.) but it pretty much is appropriate for most home users.

The ones I’ve listed above are the best mobile phone signal boosters for the month of June 2016. This list might change next month and we will have to see if all of them will still be the best ones or maybe some of them will be changed come July.

If you are looking for a mobile phone signal booster and you do not know which one to choose, then choose one of the 5 I’ve mentioned in this article. Trust me, they are worth your money.

o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Do you buy refurbished items? I buy refurbished items because not only do they work, they are also way cheaper than new ones.

weBoost is a great mobile phone signal booster company and since they have built a lot of mobile phone signal boosters, they thought of refurbishing their once best-sellers.

Today, we are going to talk about the o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster. It’s got an “R” in the name because this one is just one of their refurbished weBoost Connect 3G.

The o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster was once a very popular mobile phone signal booster. Obviously, it is not popular now because people are switching to a better and faster 4G LTE, but I feel that the 3G signals still need a little bit of love even up to this day.

So what made the weBoost Connect 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster great? Well, it is one of the best signal boosters for use in homes as it has an impressive range of 5,000 sq.ft. Whether you’re in a small house or a big mansion, this mobile phone signal booster does an impressive job of boosting signals.

Furthermore, it is one of the first mobile phone signal boosters to have a powerful 65dB high-gain signal amplifier. For those of you who do not know, the higher the gain of the amplifier, the better it is at boosting mobile phone signals.

On top of that, the o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster works with all of the major carriers. Whether you’re on AT&T or Verizon, this mobile phone signal booster works without any problems.

Another cool thing about the o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is that it comes with a mountable internal antenna.

Most other internal antennas can lie around anywhere and can be destroyed easily. But with this internal antenna, you can safely mount it on the wall so that there will be no distractions.

Anyway, here are the instructions on how to install the o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster:

  1. The o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster comes with a yagi-directional antenna. Go to your rooftop and get your mobile phone. Circle the area until you find the best direction where you can get a lot of signals.
  2. Point the antenna towards that direction and mount it using the included mounting hardware.
  3. Place the signal booster near the window so that it can communicate with the external antenna efficiently.
  4. Mount the internal antenna on the middle portion of your house. Remember to mount it on the wall.
  5. Power on the signal booster by plugging in the included AC adapter.
  6. Plug the external antenna to its respective port on the signal booster and you’re good to go!

Now you know why the o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a once-popular mobile phone signal booster.

If you’re still using 3G and you want to amplify your mobile phone’s signal reception, then do get this newly refurbished o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Are you using your mobile data to surf the internet? Mobile internet surfing has come a long way with a lot of websites offering mobile views now and that mobile phone service providers are providing 4G LTE services to the masses.

There are a lot of mobile phone service providers out there that give out inexpensive 4G LTE plans, so it would not be wise to not take advantage of the offer.

Although 4G LTE is the new standard, it still doesn’t solve the problem that not all people can receive good enough signals in their homes.

What does low mobile phone signal reception mean to the end user? When you experience low signal reception, it means that you will experience frequent dropped calls, unsent text messages, and slow internet speeds.

If you live far away from your mobile phone service provider’s cell towers, you’re going to have to get a mobile phone signal booster.

If this is your first time shopping for a mobile phone signal booster and you don’t know a reputable brand yet, then look no further than the weBoost products.

weBoost has become a pioneer when it comes to mobile phone signal boosters. In this article, we are going to talk about the o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

The o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is the perfect solution for people who want to boost mobile phone signals in their homes.

This mobile phone signal booster supports all major carriers and it can support 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE signals.

Furthermore, it’s got a good 1,500 sq.ft coverage area which is perfect for homes and small offices.

The mobile phone signal booster itself has got a 65dB high gain amplifier and it also has an omnidirectional external antenna for better coverage. If you’re located really far away from your service provider’s cell tower, though, you may want to get another signal booster that uses a yagi-directional antenna instead.

So, how do you install the o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster? Well, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the highest point your house (preferably the rooftop). If you do not have access to the rooftop, the highest window will suffice.
  2. Place the external antenna on the roof or window and carefully route it towards the signal booster.
  3. Place the signal booster somewhere convenient and plug in the AC power adapter to the wall. Plug the adapter in its respective port into the signal booster.
  4. Place the internal antenna in the middle portion of your home or office for maximum efficiency.
  5. Plug the internal and external antenna into their respective ports in the mobile phone signal booster.
  6. Power on the signal booster and wait until the LED indicator turns green and you’re all set!

The o2 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a perfect solution for people who want to boost 4G LTE data in their homes or offices. This signal booster only costs $400 and comes with a 1-year warranty.